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Weekly Wednesday Webinars -
Next semester begins Jan. 22
NEW CLASSES are $10 or you can pay $100 for the whole semester.

Click on the date to register for the individual $10 class. PLEASE contact Connie at 701-486-3569 for your $100 16-class pass.

FARRMS is offering a semester of classes on local foods, cooking, growing, canning and storing vegetables. Eat local all year long. Buy a single class or buy a pass for the entire semester. All sessions are recorded so if you miss one or need to review it later, it is available to you. Classes are interactive so you can ask questions of the presenters. Classes and instructors are subject to change.

Jan. 22 –
Wild capture bread baking 101 – Learn how to capture and bake North Dakota sourdough bread. Sue Balcom

March 19 –
What is ND's Seed Breeders Club all about. How you can help preserve heritage seeds and ancient grains. Frank Kutka

Jan. 29 –
Komboucha tips and techniques – What is Komboucha tea? How to make it and the benefits of drinking Komboucha and how to begin fermenting your own Komboucha tea. Melanie Hoffman

March 26 –
Cheese making basics –  Take the mystery out of cheese making with this beginners guide to cheese making. Glen Philbrick

Feb. 5 –
Soups and soup stocks – Homemade soup stock is worth its weight in gold; and it comes from things you normally throw away. Annie Carlson

April 2 –
Composting – The basics of composting or how to turn trash into treasure for your garden. Sue B. Balcom (May need to be rescheduled)

Feb. 12 –
Starting a backyard orchard – an orchard is a wonderful thing. Some ideas and hints to get you started on your local fruit. Tom Kalb

April 9 –
Stocking your pantry – what items do you need to have on hand in your pantry to create basic recipes? Christi Kracht Enzminger

Feb. 19 –
Mixes and convenience foods from scratch. Don't pay top dollar for biscuit mixes and the like. Save money and eat healthier by making your own. Annie Carlson

April 16 –
Intro into Farm Food Safety – Why does a farmer need to care about food safety? An intro to FARRMS/ECH Farm Food Safety Course. Keith Knudson

Feb. 26 –
Permaculture principals. Everyone can practice permaculture. Here's how you can take a few steps towards a better yard and garden.  Steven Dahlberg

April 23 –
Twitter 101 – Short and sweet. Learn how you can Twitter too. Katie Pinke

March 5 –
Pickle me too… Fermenting vegetables. Why would you want to? Learn the health benefits and joy of fermenting beyond pickles.  Melanie Hoffman

April 30 –
Creative business planning. Learn how to do a visual business plan for creative minds and then move on to write a real business plan. Rachel Brazil

March 12 –
Starting an herb garden – Herbs are easy to grow and can add so much zest into your cooking. Holly Mawby

May 7 –
Photographing your farm – If you blog or even if you submit articles to your local newspaper, there are many tips and tricks to take your photographs from snapshot to superb storytelling tools. – Sue B. Balcom